Winner $750,000 Innovation Award

Equify Health awarded $750K innovation
award from Genentech in collaboration
with Emory School of Medicine.

The history of healthcare is paved with racial inequities. Its future doesn’t have to be. With humility, empathy, technology, inclusive research, and equitable design, we can change things for good. Equify Health is on a mission to eradicate racial inequities in healthcare.


We conduct empathic research to illuminate the healthcare experience of marginalized patients


We apply cutting-edge innovation practices to develop creative solutions to social health problems


We leverage immersive technologies to deliver transformative learning experiences

Delivering New Thinking

“We cannot solve our problems using the same thinking we used when we created them.”
– Albert Einstein

Our Competitive Edge

We are led by a Stanford-educated Black female founder.

We collaborate with a leading school of medicine.

We are design thinkers, scientists, artists, technologists, and anthropologists with outsized creativity.

We know the patient experience from the inside-out, having been long-term patients ourselves.

We are driven by purpose and dedicated to eradicating racial inequities in healthcare.