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Founder & CEO

Sylvie Leotin is a Stanford-educated scholar, social innovator, keynote speaker, and author with a highly respected professional and academic background. A woman on a mission, she founded Equify Health on the heel of her cancer journey to transform healthcare delivery for underserved patients, who suffer a disproportionate burden of poor health outcomes.

Genentech recognized Sylvie’s significant promise in advancing health equity by awarding her a $750,000 innovation grant to collaborate with Emory School of Medicine. This award recognizes the most promising and impactful contributions to advancing health equity. As Principal Investigator of the grant, she leads the research and implementation of a groundbreaking medical education training she conceived and will subsequently deliver to Emory providers. Before founding Equify Health, Sylvie was the CEO of Tech Atelier, a strategy consultancy advising technology companies on market research, product innovation, and marketing strategy. She has served as Vice President of Marketing for several companies and worked with innovation giants including NASA, Oracle, and Google.

Speaking and Authorship Expertise

Sylvie’s firsthand cancer experience, multicultural background, and multidisciplinary innovation expertise place her in an unprecedented position to uplift care delivery for marginalized patients. She is a sought-after speaker whose experience ranges from keynote speeches at Fortune 500 companies to medical education lectures at academic universities. She has also been a guest on numerous podcasts, crusading to illuminate and alleviate the unseen suffering of underserved patients. 

Sylvie is a widely-published author whose work has been featured in media, academic, and literary publications. She penned an extensively-read blog on her cancer journey. Because of her unique ability to articulate the deep layers of the cancer experience, her posts received as many shares on average as New York Times articles. Her much-anticipated cancer memoir will be published later this year. 

Acclamations and Distinctions

Sylvie’s distinguished polymathic career crosses industries, disciplines, continents, and cultures. She has achieved many honors, including winning a gold medal as one of the world’s best performing artists, and being the first female graduate student at the Stanford robotics laboratory (one of the best robotics labs in the world). Most recently, she was the first patient to win a large medical research grant, a significant accolade for which she is deeply appreciative. Sylvie holds an MS in Engineering-Economic Systems from Stanford University and an MS in Computer Science from INSIEE, in addition to undergraduate degrees in mathematics, dance, and music.

Sylvie recharges herself through meditation and walks in nature so she may be fully present and at her best to work unwaveringly toward her awe-inspiring purpose.