Sylvie Leotin, Founder & CEO

Sylvie Leotin is a cancer survivor, polymath, and entrepreneur, on a mission to eradicate racial disparities in healthcare. She is the founder and CEO of Equify Health, a company she founded on the heel of her cancer journey to turn her painful experience into energy for positive change.

Sylvie’s polymathic career path crosses industries, disciplines, continents, and cultures. She started her career as a professional ballerina, earning a prestigious gold medal from France’s National Conservatory. She subsequently became a computer scientist and moved to Silicon Valley to be a Visiting Scholar at Stanford Robotics Laboratory. A vacuum for multidisciplinary knowledge, Sylvie has an uncommonly broad professional experience, ranging from software engineering to product management, marketing, communication, business development, market research, design, and innovation.

In 2021, Sylvie was awarded a $750,0000 Health Equity Innovation Award from Genentech, in collaboration with Emory University School of Medicine, to develop and pilot a groundbreaking training curriculum (she designed) to address systemic racial health disparities.

Before founding Equify Health, Sylvie was the founder and CEO of Tech Atelier, a boutique consultancy advising innovative companies on their product and marketing strategy. She served as interim Vice President of Marketing for a number of startup companies and worked with industry giants, including NASA, Oracle, and Google.

A former HuffPost contributor and influential blogger, Sylvie has been published in numerous media, academic, and literary publications. Her Blog on her cancer experience rose to the top 1% most shared blogs. She is currently writing a much-anticipated book on hre cancer journey.

Sylvie holds an MS in Engineering-Economic Systems from Stanford University and an MS in Computer Science from INSIEE. She studied math, physics, and dance undergraduate. Sylvie has served on the board of the Museum of Performance and Design and the Stanford Cancer Center Patient and Family Advisory Council.