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Blacks have the highest mortality rates across all chronic diseases and are the most underrepresented population in clinical trials. This represents a vexing gap for medicine and society-at-large. Equify Health provides enabling tools and technologies to dismantle the barriers and biases blocking the path to equitable care

Educational Workshops

Our groundbreaking workshops empower healthcare providers to get inside the mind of Black patients and discover their experience without filters and biases

Speaking Engagements

Our founder is a charismatic and insightful  Black cancer survivor, with a polymath background, and unparalleled insights into the health disparity divide


Advisory Services

Our health equity advisors provide cultural expertise, such as marketing audits and research support, to help organizations navigate the transition to equitable care

why we are different

Our founder is a cancer survivor with a unique breadth of expertise in the patient experience, both as a patient and as a widely-read patient experience narrator.

Our research investigators are people of color with deep cultural competence in the population they study.

Our approach blends decades of experience in ethnographic research, narrative design, empathy cultivation, design thinking, and technology innovation.

We leverage advanced technologies to develop engaging, mind-opening experiential learning interventions.

We have a 20-year track record helping companies identify and dismantle the barriers and biases impacting the customer experience.

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