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Speaking & Talks

Sylvie Leotin is a Stanford-educated scholar, social visionary, and cancer survivor who transformed the pain of her experience into an engine for positive change. An award-winning healthcare innovator, she founded Equify Health to boldly transform care delivery for marginalized patients.  Sylvie’s polymathic successes set her apart as a renaissance woman. Her accomplishments range from winning a gold medal as one of the world’s best performing artists, to leading a $750,000 clinical research grant as Principal Investigator, serving as Visiting Scholar at the Stanford Robotics Laboratory, and being the CEO of multiple companies. As Sylvie works tirelessly to reshape how equity is addressed in medicine to better address patients’ needs, she inspires others to join her in moving mountains.      

Sylvie is a highly sought-after keynote speaker who puts her benevolence and passion in each talk she delivers. She masterly weaves her expertise, personal story, and innovative vision to create unique and memorable presentations that touch the minds and hearts of others. Sylvie has extensive experience ranging from delivering keynotes at innovative healthcare companies, to lecturing at leading medical schools, and speaking on familiar podcasts. As she delivers her speech with passion, poise, and purpose, she is grateful for every opportunity to partner with others and collaboratively work wonders.     

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Present and Past Engagements

  • Keynote speaker for the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Fellows Symposium 2022
  • Speaker at STAT event on tech and good healthcare
  • Keynote speaker at a Big Pharma, health plan, biotech company
  • Keynote speaker at a health equity conference
  • Guest lecturer at Emory School of Medicine
  • Grand Rounds lecture at academic hospital
  • Guest speaker on American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) e-Learning Podcast
  • Guest speaker on Christopher Lochhead Podcast (#1 business podcast in iTunes)

Past Recordings

  • American Society of Clinical Oncology SDOH Podcast: Watch
  • Christopher Lochhead “Follow Your Different” Podcast: Listen