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I am a cancer survivor, scholar, entrepreneur, and speaker. Three years ago, I was hit by cancer, and my life came to a halt. Cancer confronted me to unseen suffering at a deeper level than I had experienced before and, in doing so, awakened me to my life’s purpose. I realized that my cancer experience, multicultural background, and vast multidisciplinary expertise placed me in a unique position to illuminate and alleviate the unseen suffering of cancer patients and marginalized patients in healthcare. I was awarded a $750K health equity innovation grant to develop and pilot innovative solutions to this vexing problem. People often want to hear about my journey, from cancer to health innovator, and creative vision to address health disparities.

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Upcoming Talks

  • Keynote speaker for a major Pharma
  • Guest lecture at Emory School of Medicine
  • Grand Rounds lecture at Grady Hospital
  • Keynote speaker at Health Equity & Outcomes Summit
  • Keynote speaker at a biotech company
  • Keynote speaker at a health plan

Past Talks

  • Speaker on American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) e-Learning Podcast
  • Speaker at American Society of Clinical Oncology Summer Internship Program
  • Guest speaker on Christopher Lochhead Podcast (#1 Apple business podcast)


  • American Society of Clinical Oncology | SDOH Podcast: Watch
  • Christopher Lochhead | Follow Your Different: Listen